Here is his essay on injustice:

The foundations upon which our nation has rested for the last 244 years have begun to erode. The most significant of these principles, popular sovereignty, which has been drilled into the heads every U.S.

history student the nation over, is one of the many that are crumbling. As the accessibility of information concerning current events has increased and as the ease of transferring and sharing that information has improved, it may seem that this should be one of the most democratic times in the history of the United States, but it is most certainly not. Only about 61% of people who could’ve voted in the

2016 presidential showed up to the polls. This is not because most those 39%of people are lazy and apathetic, but rather because they are purposefully being subdued by politicians.

There are many avenues to manipulate the populace; One favored by many states like Texas, Virginia, and Tennessee is voter I.D. laws. I mean not to say that voter I.D. shouldn’t be used in elections, that’s just not a good idea, but rather that these forms of identification should be more available and accepted. These states require voters to have a very specific kind of government I.D. In Tennessee for example, the only two options are a Tennessee driver’s license or a U.S. passport both of which aren’t exactly easy to obtain. A driver’s license requires a good deal of time and energy while the cost of a passport isn’t financially feasible for some people. This results in economically disadvantaged people, who have neither the time for a driver’s license nor the money for passport, missing a voice in the a political process. They are screaming for representation, but it doesn’t matter because they don’t have a special plastic card.

But with such a oppressive hand hanging over our heads, what can be done to ensure that our votes are counted fairly? Firstly, we must lift their thin veil of legal justification, with the main one being voter fraud, to expose their true intentions and unrepublican values.

Voter fraud, although it may be spouted by many as a significant problem in modern America, is not as high as many claim it to be.

Study after study* has consistently proven that voter fraud isn’t nearly as large of a concern as people make it out to be. Why then is it that these claims and their applications continue to persist?

Misinformation. Misinformation, which has come about with the rise of the internet, has plagued many governments in recent years, but as it has grown so have strategies which aim to counter it. Encouraging honest journalism, providing misinformation policies on social media apps, and paying closer attention to information you have been given can all help to quell the rage of misinformation. Although just being skeptical about what you hear around you may sound a bit bland, it may very well save the spirit of this nation through preserving the people’s voice, which makes up it’s foundation.