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How A Colorado Springs Immigration Attorney Can Help

While it’s definitely possible you can be successful on your own, a Colorado Springs immigration attorney can be a big help moving you through the process of immigration to the US.

One of the first things a competent attorney can help you with is obtaining and filing out the right paperwork. If you struggle with English, imagine how hard it can be to understand all of the rules and requirements that are part of this paperwork. An immigration attorney can help you understand the forms needed and can get them filled out properly for you, minimizing delays and other problems.

There are many other things an immigration lawyer can help you with, but first, you need to find the right lawyer, one who understands your needs and challenges.

Immigration Law Is Complex

Immigration law is built on the Constitution, Statutes, Agency memos, Administrative Court Rules, and Administrative Court Decisions, and Federal Court decisions; that’s a lot of sources of law to try to understand!

An immigration lawyer can help you unravel the complexity.

Your immigration lawyer does not only look at the immediate concern of filling out forms. They look ahead to eliminate future immigration problems before they occur. Due to the complexity of the laws, it can often be confusing and overwhelming to individuals.

Immigration lawyers speed up the process and help eliminate possible delays. My experience as an immigration attorney in Colorado Springs has taught me how to uncover problems quickly and solve them.

No lawyer can guarantee the success of your immigration case, but a skilled attorney can make the process easier and help you avoid problems.


If you’ve lived in the US as a legal permanent resident for 3 to 5 years, you may be eligible to become a US Citizen. It’s a long, but exciting process! Mary can make sure that you are eligible, help you fill out your application, and help keep you from inadvertently violating immigration laws or revealing yourself as deportable. Mary can also help you prepare for the citizenship and language tests.

Click HERE for legal help with Citizenship.

Spouse and Fiancé Visas

Are you trying to bring your foreign spouse or fiancé to the USA? A K-3 spouse visa is the non-immigrant marriage visa to make that happen. (Non-Immigrant means visitor.) The K-3 is meant to reunite families as quickly as possible. Your application will be processed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Mary can also help you apply for a green card for your spouse if they are already in the US legally.

Click HERE for legal help with Spouse And Fiance Visas.

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