Attorney-Guided Stepparent Adoption

Attorney-Guided Stepparent Adoption is a good option for you if the following are true.

  • The biological parents and stepparent are in agreement as to the adoption and willing to sign the necessary paperwork.
  • The child or children to be adopted want the adoption.
  • You are comfortable using email, a printer, and a scanner.
  • You are willing to represent yourself in court, with Attorney Mary having drafted all paperwork for you, given you legal advice, prepared you for any court hearings, and having answered all your questions in advance.
  • You would like to save some money!

Stepparent Adoption – Lower Cost

An Attorney-Guided Stepparent Adoption Contract normally costs $2,000 after the consultation, which is a lot less than what a traditional, full-service lawyer would cost.

With an Attorney-Guided Stepparent Adoption Contract, your attorney does NOT represent you but works remotely with you to draft all the documents you need for your adoption case, shows you how to e-file documents, provides step-by-step guidance in real-time, and ensures that you are 100% squared away as you work through and finalize your stepparent adoption.

Your attorney will be available to you by telephone, email and video.

Stepparent Adoption – The Details

Stepparent and kinship adoptions involve background checks for the stepparent. That would be the TRAILS background check, CBI and FBI fingerprint background checks.

I would make arrangements to have those done for the client and my fees cover those background checks. While we are waiting for the background checks to come in, I draft all the paperwork needed for the adoption and go over it carefully with the parents.

Once all the background checks come back and the paperwork is signed, I walk the parents through filing the documents or can even file the paperwork on the clients’ behalf (not representing them, but helping them create an e-filing account), if needed. There will likely be one video status conference and one in-person adoption hearing, which should be straightforward if the biological parents already agree to the adoption.

The last hearing will even be celebratory; a time to bring relatives to court to watch proceedings and celebrate with the child if you wish!

Stepparent adoption initial consultations can be scheduled here (Click THIS LINK).


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