What To Expect During An Initial Consultation

What To Expect If You Hire Daugherty Law.

What to expect – your initial consultation is a one-on-one, confidential conversation between you and the attorney; it provides a time to meet with the attorney, find out about the process involved in your case, have your questions answered, obtain useful legal advice, and decide whether you ultimately would like to hire Mary Daugherty.

Initial Consultation

Since initial consultations are fairly informal, they provide an excellent opportunity for you to tell your story fully and in confidence since your conversation is protected by the attorney-client privilege. Together with the attorney, you will discuss the various facets of your case, your goals for the case, try to predict sticking points, and set the stage for success.

The attorney will guide you through different options of how to proceed, the specifics of the attorney-client contract, as well as provide you with estimated costs. It’s also a chance for you to ensure you feel comfortable with the attorney, and confident they have your best interest in mind.

A Clear Understanding Of What To Expect

Attorney Mary’s goal for every initial consultation is that the client leaves feeling empowered, confident, and with a clear understanding of what the future holds for their case.

An initial consultation costs $105 for a 30 minute appointment to discuss your case regarding divorce, custody, stepparent adoption, name change, restraining order, or citizenship.

A Range Of Options For You

If you’re unsure if you can afford full representation on the spot, an initial consultation is a perfect opportunity to discuss a range of representation options for your case, including just having that initial consultation, having periodic or recurring consultations, or obtaining full representation starting the day of your appointment.

Schedule A Consultation

Also, Mary encourages clients to come in for an initial consultation well before beginning a low-cost divorce, low-cost child custody, or prenuptial agreements, low-cost name changes or attorney-guided stepparent adoptions so that she can help create a clear and strong plan well in advance of beginning a case.


Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Mary Daugherty offers low-cost divorce if you and your spouse are in basic agreement with the terms of a Colorado divorce I can save you a LOT of money! Give me a call to see if a low-cost divorce is right for you!

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