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Low-Cost Divorce In Colorado Springs

Why spend a lot of money on a divorce if you don’t have to?

If you and your spouse agree on the basic terms of ending your marriage, then you might be interested in a less-expensive alternative to a full-cost divorce in Colorado Springs.

Low Cost Divorce Option with an Attorney-Guided Divorce!

Attorney-guided divorce is for clients who agree on most of the issues in their divorce, want to do it themselves, and want to avoid the stress and expense of hiring an attorney for full representation.

How Much Does Low-Cost Divorce Cost?

To start, a $135 initial consultation to get to know you and your situation. Most attorney-guided divorce cases are under $1,500, but they go as high as $3,000 in more complicated situations.

So, most low-cost divorce cases are around $1,500 but can go up to $3,000 if there are some additional complicating factors.

Those numbers compare to the average cost of a Colorado Divorce at $10,000 – $15,000!

The bottom line – if you’re willing to do some of the legwork, my low-cost, attorney guided divorce will save you a LOT of money!

Since Mary only meets with clients remotely and filings can be done electronically, this entire process can happen from the comfort of your own home or office!

Ready to get started?

Here is How Low Cost Divorce Works:

Step 1: Schedule an initial consult.

You will meet with attorney Mary Daugherty over Zoom or the telephone for 30 minutes to discuss your case and the divorce process. She’ll tell you all about divorce in Colorado, explain all the forms and each step, help you come up with an outline for settlement, answer any questions, and understand what to expect moving forward. Mary can only provide legal advice to one of you (not both spouses), so prefers to just meet with you for this first meeting. However, you may choose to include your spouse for the last 10 minutes of your consult so that Mary can explain the process, or you can have Mary call your spouse separately once you have signed the contract.

Step 2: Sign the contract and pay the retainer.

The retainer for most Attorney-Guided Divorces is $1,000, which covers all or almost of the work on your case for the entire divorce. Although you will represent yourself, you have now retained Mary to draft forms for you, give you experienced legal advice, and guide you step-by-step through your divorce.

Step 3: Fill out an Intake Form.

Mary will give you an intake form to fill out. She will use it to draft all your court forms for you.

Step 4: E-File your divorce.

Mary will give you the court forms you will need, with instructions on how to sign and file them. Filing starts your divorce case and the 91-day statutory waiting period.

Step 5: Fill out a Financial Intake Form.

Mary will give you her financial intake form to fill out, which she will use to draft your official Sworn Financial Statement for you. She will work closely with you to make sure that your Sworn Financial Statement is correct and that you know how to disclose the financial information that is required of you. She can also provide blank court forms to your spouse to fill out as well, so that he or she knows what is required of him/her as well as instructions on how to file.

Step 6: Mary drafts your Separation Agreement and/or Parenting Plan.

Mary will work closely with you and your spouse to draft a Separation Agreement and Parenting Plan (if you have minor children) that are perfect for you and your situation! She will calculate spousal maintenance and child support if applicable, which can help you consider what agreements to include as part of your divorce.

She will also give you detailed legal advice, make suggestions as to specific provisions that would be beneficial to you, and ensure that your final agreements will be acceptable to the judge. Armed with confidence and all the information you may need, you can then have a final negotiation with your spouse.

This final communication between you can be done remotely.

Step 7: Finalize your divorce paperwork.

You and your spouse will sign your Separation Agreement and/or Parenting Plan and any other final divorce paperwork, then file it! Mary will provide everything you need, completely filled out so that you just have to sign it! Most people print, sign, scan, email, and e-file these agreements, meaning that you and your spouse will not be required to be in the same room if you don’t want to be.

Step 8: The Judge reviews and finalizes your Divorce.

If you don’t have minor children, Mary will show you how to request that the judge review your final paperwork and sign it without holding a hearing. If you have minor children, Mary will show you how to request a short, uncontested divorce hearing since the judge will need to review your Parenting Plan with you before he or she approves it. Once the judge signs your final divorce decree, you are legally divorced! Mary can explain how to get your name changed on your ID documents if you are changing your name as part of your divorce as well.

What it Costs.

1. You will pay Mary the Initial Consult fee of $135 and the retainer of $1,000.
2. You will pay filing fees of $230 plus $12-$24 per batch when filing. These are paid directly to the court at the time of filing.

How Long it Takes.

1. Once your initial consult is done and your intake form is completed, Mary normally returns your Petition and Case Information Sheet to you within 1-3 business days.
2. Once your Petition and Case Information Sheet are filed, statute requires the court to wait at least 91 days before finalizing your divorce. Oftentimes, you can have all of your paperwork filed with the court before the waiting period is over, making for a smooth process from start to finish.

Attorney-Guided Divorce is the Right Fit for You if:

  • You or your spouse have resided in Colorado for at least 91 days.
  • You and your spouse are both willing to sign divorce paperwork.
  • You and your spouse generally agree on how you will divide your property and debts as part of your divorce.
  • You and your spouse generally agree on whether alimony will be paid.
  • If you or your spouse are or are in the military, you generally agree on whether military retirement will be divided.
  • If you have minor children, you and your spouse generally agree on parenting time, parenting decisions, etc.
  • If you have minor children, you and your spouse generally agree on whether child support will be paid, how much, and what costs will be shared.
  • There is nothing big that you and your spouse are fighting over in terms of property, debt, alimony, retirement, or parenting issues.
  • You know how to use email.
  • You have access to a printer and scanner (or a good camera on your phone).
  • Your spouse uses email or has someone who can help him/her print and scan documents.

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If a low-cost divorce by Advice Contract seems like a good choice for you, the next step is to set up a 30-minute consultation with Mary Daugherty.

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Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Mary Daugherty offers low-cost divorce if you and your spouse are in basic agreement with the terms of a Colorado divorce I can save you a LOT of money! Give me a call to see if a low-cost divorce is right for you!

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