Low Cost Divorce – Advice Contracts

Why spend a lot of money on a divorce if you don’t have to?

If you and your spouse are in agreement on the basic terms of ending your marriage, then you might be interested in a less-expensive alternative to a full-cost divorce in Colorado Springs.

We offer a lower cost divorce option with something called an Advice Contract.

If you are willing to do the legwork (filing forms for example), then an advice contract divorce option that is much less costly than a full-priced divorce might be ideal for you. Your divorce will cost a fraction of what it would with representation; $105 for the consultation and $900 retainer as opposed to attorney fees for representation in divorce which could be upwards of $15,000.

What Is An Advice Contract?

Advice contracts are simply a contract that I offer to lower the cost of a divorce by advising clients, in detail, how to complete their divorce mostly by themselves and in a completely safe, legal manner. The advice contract will include the following;

  • How to draft your divorce documents.
  • Exacting directions how to proceed with your divorce.
  • How to properly e-file your documents.
  • Legal advice for trial prep (if needed).
  • You are in control of every aspect of your case, including costs
  • Every document you’ll need in your divorce will be drafted specifically for you
  • You’ll know what to file, when, and how to file each document
  • You’ll work with the attorney to have the perfect Separation Agreement and/or Parenting Plan drafted for you
  • You’ll communicate with your attorney regularly throughout your divorce via telephone, video, and email and have unfettered access to your attorney
  • If you wish, the attorney can also help communicate directly with your future ex (if he or she agrees) as needed

You are never alone in your divorce!

This is NOT a do-it-yourself Divorce

Although you will represent yourself in your divorce, you will have access (in-person, by phone or by email) to Mary Daugherty, an experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, who will advise you how to complete your divorce in a step-by-step, efficient and low-stress manner.

What Is Included In Our Advice Contract

Here is what our Advice Contract for Divorce includes:

  • Initial 30 minute consultation
  • Properly filled out forms needed to initiate your divorce with instructions on what forms will need as the case goes on and when to file them
  • Computation of child support and/or maintenance using statutory guidelines
  • Access to the attorney for up to 2 hours which can be used in telephone calls, emails, video appointments, or availability during mediation (emails and phone calls to be returned within 1 business day, with the exception of attorney holidays, for which clients will be notified in advance) to discuss:
    • What to expect during the process
    • How a court might rule on specific issues
    • Review settlements
  • The opportunity for additional consultation time as needed based on the attorney’s hourly rate

You will ultimately be representing yourself and responsible for court deadlines, but your attorney will be available to answer questions and help you understand the process.

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If a low cost divorce by Advice Contract seems like a good choice for you, the next step is to set up a 30 minute consultation with Mary Daugherty. Call (719) 215-0577 or click the button below to schedule your consultation.


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