Cheap Divorce Lawyers In Colorado Springs

Cheap Divorce Lawyers In Colorado Springs – True?

Daugherty Law LLC, led by Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Mary Daugherty, offers low-cost, affordable divorce services remotely.

Mary Daugherty also offers other low-cost family law services including  name change, child custody, and prenuptial agreements. Mary Daugherty’s extensive experience in family law, combined with her remote working capabilities, enables her to provide cost-effective legal solutions. The firm’s approach is designed to cater to clients seeking to minimize the financial burden of legal proceedings while ensuring professional attorney guidance throughout the process​​.

Cheap Divorce Lawyers – We Can Save You Money!

For individuals considering a low-cost divorce, Daugherty Law LLC offers a “Low Cost Divorce Kit.” This kit is available through an Advice Contract, which is a simplified and cost-effective option for handling divorce proceedings without the client ever needing to come into our office.

Interested clients can start by scheduling a 30-minute consultation with Mary Daugherty to understand the process better and determine if this option suits their needs. This initial consultation is a vital step in exploring the low-cost divorce avenue and getting personalized legal advice tailored to individual circumstances​​.

Mary Daugherty’s expertise encompasses mostly uncontested divorces. An uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on the terms, can be a more straightforward and cost-effective process.

Mary Daugherty’s experience in Colorado family law equips her to assist clients in navigating these complexities, offering low-cost options for divorce and child custody arrangements. Her ability to handle a range of family law issues, including prenuptial agreements, is an asset to those seeking affordable legal services​​.

Low-Cost Divorce Lawyers – Pricing

In terms of costs, the average attorney fee for an uncontested divorce in Colorado ranges between $3,500 and $4,200. However, Daugherty Law LLC has managed to finalize divorces for less than $2,000 in in most cases without disputes. It’s important to note that the cost of a divorce can escalate quickly in situations where there are increasing disputes, especially if the case goes to trial.

The short answer: You can save a lot of money on a divorce if you and your spouse are mostly in agreement about the terms of your divorce.

Daugherty Law LLC also offers remote divorce services. This modern approach to legal proceedings allows for divorce cases to be handled virtually, eliminating the need for in-person meetings or court appearances. This method can be particularly beneficial for those seeking a low-cost divorce option, as it can reduce the overall expenses associated with traditional divorce proceedings​​.

Cost-Effective Divorce In Colorado Springs!

Daugherty Law LLC, under the guidance of Mary Daugherty, provides a range of affordable legal services related to divorce and family law. The firm’s commitment to offering low-cost options, combined with the expertise in handling both uncontested and contested divorces, makes it a valuable resource for individuals in Colorado Springs seeking legal assistance in these matters. Additionally, the firm’s ability to conduct remote divorce proceedings further enhances its appeal to those looking for cost-effective and convenient legal solutions.


Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Mary Daugherty offers low-cost divorce if you and your spouse are in basic agreement with the terms of a Colorado divorce I can save you a LOT of money! Give me a call to see if a low-cost divorce is right for you!

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