Citizenship Attorney

Do You Need A Citizenship Lawyer?

The process of immigration can be much smoother and can be streamlined to a degree with the help of a citizenship attorney in Colorado Springs. Mary Daugherty has the experience and will provide the professional guidance and solid advice needed in U.S. citizenship matters. 

Not A Native English Speaker?

If you are not a native speaker of English, finding a reputable citizenship lawyer may prove challenging. Given that immigration-related agencies in the United States operate in English only, it can be difficult for those coming from another country to navigate all of the various steps involved. Mary Daugherty speaks fluent Spanish –  habla español!

Citizenship lawyers regularly provide assistance with obtaining permanent resident visas as well as work visas. It should be borne in mind that every case is unique, and therefore customized approach with a seasoned professional makes all the difference.

Prior to providing personal documents to any lawyer, it is best to conduct some research about that immigration attorney’s experience and reputation in the field. A citizenship lawyer needs to be in good standing with the bar association in his or her jurisdiction and a strong record of success on behalf of clients.

Mary Daugherty has the legal standing, experience and desire to help those seeking citizenship.

A skilled citizenship lawyer will be ready and willing to offer assistance with K1 visas, K3 fiancee documents, H1B visas and more.

Nurses, tech professionals, physicians, scientists and other categories of workers can benefit greatly from Mary’s help. She can also consult with clients on matters pertaining to green cards, labor certifications and the like.

Companies wishing to bring prospective employees to the United States on short-term or other forms of visas will also find the assistance of Daugherty Law LLC to be truly invaluable. When it comes to immigration questions, there really is no substitute for experience.

If you need a good Colorado Springs citizenship lawyer, give Mary a call and schedule a consultation today!


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