Low Cost Child Custody Kit

Why spend a lot of money on child custody if you don't have to?

If you and the other parent are in agreement on the basic terms of child custody or the other parent is not really in the picture, then you might be interested in a less-expensive alternative to a full-cost custody in Colorado Springs.

If you are willing to do some of the legwork (filing forms for example), then a low-cost child custody kit option that is only about 1/3 the cost of a full-priced custody might be ideal for you.

This is NOT a do-it-yourself child custody.

Although you will represent yourself in your custody case, you will have access (in-person, by phone or by email) to Mary Daugherty, an experienced Colorado Springs custody lawyer, who will advise you how to complete your custody in a step-by-step, efficient and low-stress manner.

What Is Included

Here is what our Low Cost Child Custody kit includes:

  • Initial 30 minute consultation
  • Properly filled out forms needed to initiate your custody with instructions on what forms will need as the case goes on and when to file them
  • Computation of child support and/or maintenance using statutory guidelines
  • Access to the attorney for up to 2 hours which can be used in telephone calls, emails, in-person appointments, or availability during mediation (emails and phone calls to be returned within 1 business day, with the exception of attorney holidays, for which clients will be notified in advance) to discuss:
    • What to expect during the process
    • How a court might rule on specific issues
    • Review settlements
  • The opportunity for additional consultation time as needed based on the attorney’s hourly rate
  • The opportunity to hire your attorney to represent you if your case becomes too complicated.


How much does our Low Cost Custody Kit cost? $1,335.00


Only one parent meets with the attorney, even if the parties are generally in agreement.

$105 is due at the 30 minute initial consult regardless of whether you move forward with Daugherty Law LLC, $350 due before receipt of the forms, then 3 monthly payments of $300 after that. If additional time with the attorney is needed beyond 2 hours, you can decide to pay for additional time with the attorney which will be billed at the end of each month.

You will ultimately be representing yourself and responsible for court deadlines, but your attorney will be available to answer questions and help you understand the process.

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If a low cost custody seems like a good choice for you, the next step is to set up a 30 minute consultation with Mary Daugherty.

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