How To Save Money On A Divorce

How to save money on a divorce in Colorado, while still ensuring you have a top Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney for guidance, can be achieved through several strategic approaches.

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Here’s how you can save money on a divorce

Work For An Uncontested Divorce

Definition: In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on all major issues, including asset division, child custody, alimony, and other pertinent matters. This type of divorce is quicker and less expensive because it requires less time from attorneys and fewer court appearances.

Division Of Assets: Before filing, agree on the division of assets, child support, custody arrangements, and any spousal maintenance. This requires open communication and negotiation between spouses.

Mediation To Save Money An A Divorce

Mediation Services: Instead of battling out disagreements in court, consider mediation. A mediator helps both parties reach a consensus on disputed issues without the adversarial nature of a court proceeding. This can significantly reduce legal fees and expedite the settlement process.

For our low-cost divorce, you need to be in  agreement for a division of assets. 

Limited Scope Representation In A Low-Cost Divorce

Also known as “unbundled legal services,” this is where you hire a Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney to handle specific parts of your divorce rather than the entire process. For example, you might retain an attorney solely for document review, legal advice, or representation at a specific hearing.

Cost-Effectiveness: This approach can significantly reduce costs because you are only paying for the services you need.

Do Your Homework To Save Money On A Divorce

Gather Financial Documents: Prepare all necessary financial documentation, such as income statements, property documents, tax returns, and expenses. Organizing these documents yourself can save your attorney time and, consequently, save you money.

Educate Yourself: Understanding the basics of divorce law in Colorado can help you make informed decisions quickly, reducing the amount of time your attorney needs to explain legal principles and procedures.

Use Technology To Save Money On A Divorce

Online Tools: Utilize online resources for preparing standard forms or to streamline communication with your spouse and attorney. Many courts also offer online filing agreements

By choosing an uncontested divorce, being in basic agreements concerning division of assets and being proactive in your preparation, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with getting a low-cost divorce in Colorado.


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