Talking about a prenuptial agreement with a fiancée can sometimes make for an awkward conversation. You probably have a lot to worry about already without thinking about finances. While it may be uncomfortable, those with assets should consider making an agreement with their future spouse before the wedding.

It may not be the most romantic conversation you’ve ever had with your future spouse; however, it is absolutely necessary to start the conversation if you’re going to get married in Colorado and expect a successful marriage.

Let’s Describe a Prenuptial Agreement

Those who enter into a prenuptial agreement, or prenup, are deciding how assets and other issues will be divided if a divorce or other event takes place. Both parties are protected once an agreement is made. Clear instructions must be made when it comes to how debt, property, and other assets in the marriage are split. These features must be managed by one party or the other, and a prenuptial agreement is an ideal instrument to do so.

Prenuptial Agreements Reduce Stress and Secure Futures

People with prenuptial agreement can have easier divorces as hostility towards one another is reduced through the use of planning which assets go to who. Because of how permanent martial agreements are, both spouses need to draft out their part of the agreement so that it may be properly reviewed by an experienced Colorado Springs family lawyer.

A lawyer’s advice will help both parties understand the consequences when it comes to their marriage arrangement. Most people decide to make their agreement way before the marriage. It isn’t pleasant to be presented with paperwork on the eve of the marriage, so let’s get your prenup started early.

Why Might I Need A “Prenup?”

Many couples have complicated family histories and some come with a history of poor financial decisions. In such a case, it’s wise to protect your assets, like your car or home, from being taken by the other spouse in the event of a divorce. Many affluent couples get one too. Prenuptial agreements do more than protect assets.

The future of your children could depend on a solid prenup. Remember that prenuptial agreements also work out what to do in the event that one spouse dies.

If You Already Disagree About Finances, A Prenup Might Be A Good Idea

It’s common for a couple to consider getting a prenuptial agreement put in place if one partner is much more financially stable than the other. It puts the financially stable partner at ease. Many couples disagree on money when it comes to the children going off to college or another situation that might cost a fortune. Marriage is supposed to bring forth happiness. For some couples, this includes wealth. The wealthier spouse needs to protect his or her assets as much as the needier spouse needs to know they’ll be taken care of.

A Prenuptial Agreement Brings Forth Peace of Mind

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