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If you have been served with divorce papers, the clock is ticking! In divorce and custody in Colorado you normally have 21 days to file a response unless you were served out of state or you the person who filed the case could win by default.

See An Attorney If Served With Divorce Papers

I always recommend going to see an attorney as soon as you can after you are served, even if just for a consultation. Most people don’t fully understand the paperwork they have been given, which can lead to serious and unforeseen consequences.

I once had a client who had been served with divorce papers, but didn’t meet with an attorney until after he had gone to the courtroom on the day of the hearing and had a default restraining order granted against him. Needless to say, things didn’t go well for him!

Keep Your Paperwork!

Always bring your paperwork to an attorney so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Or, what needs to be done.

If served with a divorce or custody petition, you’ll need to file a response with the court so that the judge knows that you want to be notified of any ongoings in the case. 

There is a response form you can use to submit a response. There’s also a filing fee of $116, but if you can*apos;t afford it, there is a form you can fill out asking the court to waive your fees.

Initial Status Conference

You’ll be asked to attend an initial status conference, which you should absolutely attend. I have another video explaining the details about initial status conferences, why they are so important. If for some reason you cannot attend a hearing in person, you should submit a Motion for Absentee Testimony, which you can also get from the court’s website.

As the case goes on, you will be asked to exchange financial information with your soon-to-be-ex spouse or the other parent. This is required by statute and ensures that both parties are informed about the other's finances as they move through the process.

Settlement Conference Or Mediation

In addition, you may be asked to attend settlement conferences or mediation. If you can settle on some or all issues, try to do so! Finding common ground on as many issues as possible and writing those down in a signed agreement will ensure that trial (if any) goes smoothly with more favorable results.

I hope this article was helpful for you, and If you have been served with divorce papers, please schedule a consultation online or call (719) 215-0575 so that we can get started!


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