Civil Unions

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed the law into effect as of March 2013 for the Colorado Civil Union Act legalizing civil unions. The law allows same-sex couples the benefit of being able to enter into a civil union relationship that is recognized under Colorado state law much like a marriage.

With Civil Unions in Colorado, the two partners can enjoy the same benefits and the same protection as the state law as they would enjoy in a regular traditional marriage.

Colorado Springs Civil Unions Attorney

civil unions attorney in colorado springsIf you are in a civil union or considering entering or ending a civil union with a partner, it’s vital to consult with a Colorado Springs family attorney to learn your rights, legal options, and your obligations.

There are many similarities and differences between a common-law marriage, a civil union, and a domestic partnership and you’ll want to fully understand your options.

What Are The Benefits Of A Civil Union?

Typically, a civil union allows you the rights and benefits of protections, duties, and obligations just as a regular marriage. Per Colorado State Law, you’re granted the same rights as a spouse. Example:

  • Responsibility for financial support of your partner.
  • Coverage for dependents such as life and health insurance or other insurance plans that allow for the ownership of property.
  • Laws of domestic relations such as legal separations, child custody, dissolution, the allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time, property division, and child support.
  • Rights to designate a party to a civil union including beneficiary per the state public employee retirement system laws and policies as well as the procedures for any emergent or non-emergent medical treatment, care, and hospitalizations.
  • Rights and abilities that concern any transfers of real or personal property.
  • Probate laws in regards to wills, trust, estates, and interstate succession for inheritance without a will. Ability to inherit personal and real properties under the probate code.
  • Workers’ comp benefits.
  • Any responsibility for decisions in medical care.
  • The ability to adopt a partners child.

How Can I Enter Into A Civil Union In Colorado Springs?

You must first apply to the El Paso county clerk and recorder for a civil union license. You must enter into the civil union within 35 days of this application prior to the expiration of the license.

How Can I End A Civil Union In Colorado Springs?

The termination of a civil union is considered the same as a dissolution or a divorce. Civil unions are dissolved just as a marriage would be. Couples must resolve their issues like child custody and the division of property and debt and other belongings as required.

If you’re planning to dissolve a civil union, you’ll want to work closely with an experienced family attorney in Colorado Springs who can help you fight to obtain your share of assets and property that you and your partner have acquired while in the civil union.

Experienced legal advocates can help in parental rights, custody, alimony and child support, and visitation rights and many other areas.


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