When a marriage comes to an end by means of a divorce, things can get emotionally draining for all sides. It’s not far-fetched to see both spouses losing control of their ability to think rationally, which makes them commit some really silly, and sometimes damaging, mistakes during the divorce.

A seasoned and knowledgeable divorce attorney can help charter you through the emotionally-challenged process of divorce and ensure that you don’t make critical blunders that you’ll regret. Here are a few of the more common divorce mistakes.

Getting Legal Counsel From A Friend.

Divorce MistakesThe only instance where you should seek advice from a friend concerning your divorce is if she/he is a divorce attorney. If your friend isn’t a legal professional, just back off from involving them and get advice from an experienced divorce lawyer who are conversant with the divorce proceedings and know how to navigate through this extremely personal field of the law.

Think of it as getting medical advice from somebody who’s not practiced medicine.

Not consulting with a lawyer

Even if you don’t have the money to hire a lawyer or think that you don’t require a lawyer, getting legal aid from an experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and give you a picture of what to expect in the process.

Heading into the divorce proceedings under the impression that your case is clear-cut or will be favorable for you can result in mistakes or can see you completely unprepared for key divorce topics. What’s more, most initial consultations are complimentary.

Ignoring the potential for mediation.

Mediation sounds invasive and scary. I think most people picture a Joe-shmo in a suit sticking his head into your business or having to sit down at a table with someone who has broken your heart. In reality, most mediation is a great way for you to sit down and explain your legal issues to a mediator. Most mediators will avoid having you sit in the same room as your ex, and will make their best efforts to help you and your ex each think rationally. There may be permanent or temporary gains to be had simply buy sitting down and discussing your legal issues.

Hiring the Cheapest Divorce Lawyer.

You always get what you pay for. It’s not prudent to enlist a cheap lawyer to handle your divorce. During this period, you need a committed attorney that will hear your grievances and provide actionable solutions. This is possible when you hire a reputable and licensed attorney. Discuss the attorney fees and the cost of your divorce with them if you see it’s too high for you.

Emotional Attachment to Assets

Some spouses acquire assets or debt jointly, so during the divorce one partner or both may claim sole ownership of that asset. That asset can range from a dog, a piece of artwork, or property. A skilled divorce attorney will assess the mood of the room and come up with an ideal solution that satisfies both parties.

Perhaps the asset can be divided or replaced.

Child Custody

Children aren’t assets that can be duplicated or divided as mentioned above. They are the direct victims of the aftermath that comes with divorce, and they often feel as if they are the reason behind the divorce. A skilled divorce attorney will have an amplified sense of responsibility to advise empathetically and carefully when it comes to the custody of the child.

Your attorney can also determine when to recommend extra advice from a family therapist to help both the children and parents in these issues.

Ignoring financial obligations and pressures.

During the heated moments of divorce, chances are that parties won’t consider the divorce fees and the ongoing financial responsibilities that each spouse will be subjected to. That kind of ignorance will put a further strain on your already dwindling bond and will most probably cost both of you more when all’s said and done. An experienced divorce attorney will make sure to get the couple’s financial details and current standing.

This will make the financial negotiations more transparent and allow financial pressures and obligations to be met with no combativeness. Financial decisions will be done rationally and objectively.

Not dealing with debt.

One of the common issues that cause strife in a marriage is financial difficulty and this can result in divorce. Even though the said debt may be the reason behind the divorce, spouses may completely neglect to pay off the debt during the divorce. This is especially the case when the debt has fallen into default and the spouses believe that the debt doesn’t need to be resolved immediately.

Regrettably, this decision can present future problems that may see you cough up more than you would have initially. So it’s probably a good idea that you pay off the debts during the divorce in order to avert situations where a creditor comes to collect the debt.

Not Asking Questions.

Putting your signature on any contract you don’t have a full understanding of isn’t always wise. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask questions concerning any part of child custody or divorce. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer will look through the fine print and explain what you don’t understand.

Refusing to Disclose Essential Information To Your Divorce Lawyer

Some individuals don’t entirely trust their lawyers, although they are receiving representation from them. Not disclosing essential information to your legal representative only hurts your interests in the divorce.

Advice: Your attorney needs the entire truth to be effective at their job.


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