Divorce is complex, both financially and emotionally. Once a relationship is broken, it can be hard at times to come to terms with the soon-to-be ex-spouse on both personal matters (such as custody and who keeps the marital home) and the financial aspect (property and debt, alimony and child support) of the separation.

So, How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

divorce costAverage divorce costs are minimally helpful in estimating how much your divorce will cost. This is because each person, and each family, is radically different. Each coupld has unique abilities to cooperate with one another or purposely screw with one another. The number of issues that you and your soon-to-be-ex are likely to agree upon, as well as the number of emergencies that are likely to come up, are the best predictors of your costs. Better communication and more kindness to one another, generally lead to a cheaper divorce. On the other hand, the need for vengeance can add thousands to your bill. When thinking about what issues you will be fighting over, list them out; you’ll need to resolve these areas of your marriage: division or property and debts, alimony, who keeps the house, parenting time, decision making for your kids, and who is going to pay for your children’s extracurricular expenses.

While the question, “how much does a divorce cost in Colorado Springs?” has no easy answer, it is still possible to get an idea of what you need to have available. Here’s a closer look at the details likely to affect the cost of divorce in Colorado along with ways to lower those costs.

The average divorce lawyer fee in Colorado ranges from $9,700 to $11,400, according to a survey by lawyers.com. Some Colorado divorce attorneys may charge higher than that depending on the complexity of the case. Court fees are usually not that high, and constitute just $230 to file a divorce petition.

The More Agreement With Your Spouse You Have, The Lower The Divorce Cost

Keep in mind, however, that the averages above take only the necessary filing fees into account and an average number of complications. If the divorcing couple makes use of different court services or makes multiple appearances in court, there could be other extra fees. These include orders for child custody and support, paternity tests, or even a petition for adding a third party to the proceedings.

The average attorney cost for a divorce without disputed issues in Colorado is somewhere between $3,500 and $4,200 in that same article. I have finalized divorces for as low as $2,000 in uncontested cases.

The divorce costs can however increase rapidly in divorce cases with increasing disputes that require going to trial to resolve.

The level of cooperation between you and your spouse as well as your circumstances will have the greatest effect on final costs. Separation and divorce can be emotionally wrought. One or both parties might feel betrayed, angry, or blindsided. However, all parties benefit financially if some cooperation can be managed.

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce is where both spouses agree to the divorce terms without the need to go to court to litigate any issues. Divorce costs are lower since there are fewer court appearances and a more straightforward process.

A contested divorce does not imply that the actual divorce is being challenged. Rather, it means that both parties are unable to agree over some of the matters that have to be settled before the divorce is finalized (child support/visitation, alimony, asset/property division).

Sometimes, the separating couples just can’t get to an agreement on their own. That’s why you need an experienced Colorado Springs divorce attorney who has lots of practical experience. Mary Daugherty has a great track record of working with divorcing couples with the goal of getting the divorce completed with the least amount of stress as possible.

More time spent by the attorney means a higher cost for a divorce.

Don’t Attempt to File Divorce Alone

Attempting to file for divorce without the right representation could end up costing you more in the end. You need to have qualified representation to ensure the best possible outcome from your filing. Give Mary Daugherty a call today and get some help during this most difficult time in your life.


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