Post Judgment Modifications

A post judgement modification to your divorce agreement may help if you’re having additional financial hardships making alimony or child support payments.

By the same token, if you’re not receiving your support or if your support isn’t adequate for yourself and your family, you can also ask the courts to make a modification or to enforce the payment per the divorce agreement/decree.

This process is called a post judgment modification.

Post Judgement Modification

Only when you can prove that there is a change in your financial situation, can a post judgment modification for alimony be terminated or altered. This may be due to a new job, reduced earnings, loss of job, or health conditions that may include retirement.

The adjustment of alimony is based upon the events that take place as mentioned above. Thus, these adjustments alter the potential for an individual to continue providing care for minor children or they alter the standard of living as per the original divorce decree. That being said, the alimony can be adjusted accordingly to ensure that all of the division of the divorce is equitable.

Altered Events

Those who are seeking an adjustment must prove to the court that they have altered events after the original documents were filed. The proper paperwork must be filed to prove the changes or adjustments that are requested of the courts.

The courts typically allow for a “changed event” as per the guidelines set forth below:

  • Job loss
  • Cohabitation or remarriage of ex-spouse
  • Increased income (raise or a new job that pays more)
  • Decreased income
  • The Recipient has received a large inheritance
  • Disability
  • Serious illness
  • Retirement

Such issues (above) are often enough to re-examine the alimony amount paid out on a monthly basis to the ex-spouse or the amount that is being received by the recipient.

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