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In the past year and a half, I moved myself and my career as an attorney from Orlando, Florida to Colorado Springs, Colorado and began my practice taking on divorce and family law cases. In that short time, I have learned a lot from my clients as a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs!

First, divorce is the end of a marriage, but importantly it is also the beginning of a new chapter in a person’s life. Money, housing, and routines are all tossed up into the air, leaving newly separated people to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of it all. Amazingly, everyone gets through it.

Second, I have learned the importance of dreaming and planning. When someone comes to me for a divorce, I encourage him or her to try to answer the question, “What do I want my life to look like in a couple of years? What is my ideal scenario?” To the extent realistic, I help them answer the question, “How can I make it happen?” Having a vision helps shape a person’s decisions so that they can begin their new chapter on the right foot.

Lastly, I have learned the importance of community. People undergoing divorce have often isolated themselves or been isolated from their loved ones during recent years. Frequently, though, loved ones are still there, waiting to be asked for help. As humans we love to be needed by one another, so call up old friends and family members! Make new friends! And there are also divorce-support groups out there for this very reason.

I, Mary Daugherty Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney, hope to help every person who contacts me or steps into my Colorado Springs office looking for a divorce plan and formulate a better future, whether they hire me or not!


Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Mary Daugherty offers low-cost divorce if you and your spouse are in basic agreement with the terms of a Colorado divorce I can save you a LOT of money! Give me a call to see if a low-cost divorce is right for you!

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I was very fortunate to have Mary as my attorney. Court is a hard enough place to be. Not only did Mary give me a 100% she also listened to me and that was important. Had a great out come. Thank you!
Carrie Bireland