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Getting your name changed in Colorado is done through the state court system. The process takes a couple of months and, with the help of an attorney, is fairly straightforward!

The typical cost of a name change is $700 – $900, including a $135 initial consultation, which you can schedule here.

You will get FBI and CBI background checks, file a petition with the court (and some supporting name change documents), have a short hearing, and then the judge will rule on whether you may change your name. As long as you follow all of the steps, it is a super easy process!

Once the Court decrees your new name, you will need to get a new Social Security Card and driver’s license, and make sure that all of your credit cards and bank statements are reissued in your new name. Some universities will even reissue diplomas in your new name.

Name Change In or After a Divorce

Some spouses choose to take the name of their new husband (or wife) on their wedding days. It is a lovely tradition! But during or after a divorce, you may want to change your name back. We get that! Unlike other name changes, there is normally no background check necessary if you are getting your name changed during divorce. It is a fairly quick, straightforward process!

At Daugherty Law LLC we can help with the name change process in Colorado.

Changing A Child’s Surname

There are times when one parent will want to change the surname of their child. The reasons for this vary depending on the case. You may want the child to share your name after they only had the other parent’s name or the other parent is no longer in the child’s life and you want to use your surname instead.

Regardless of the reason, there is a specific process that needs to be followed to change the legal name of a minor.

You will need to go through state court in order to get your child’s name changed. You will need to list any previous case numbers that your child was involved in (i.e. custody or divorce proceedings, restraining order cases, or child support). You will also need to have the other parent served (as a general rule).

In most cases, you will need permission from both parents as well. Kids over 14 years old will need to undergo fingerprint-based background checks.

Like in custody cases, the court will look at the best interest of the child in considering whether to change a child’s name, which may include considerations such as the motivation for changing a child’s name, the impact changing a name will have on the relationship between a child and mother or father, identification as a single family unit, cultural considerations, and whether the other parent is an active part of the child’s life.

The steps that you have to take to change your child’s name can be complicated. In these cases, it is recommended that you contact Mary Daugherty at Daugherty Law LLC to help you through the name change process in Colorado Springs.


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