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Contract enforcement and the freedom to use them is a vital part of the free market economy. The ability to write and to enter into a contract is essential to protect each party’s interests as they see fit. Since a contract can include many important clauses and concepts, they can get very complex, very quickly.

Many contracts can be somewhat routine in nature, such as for real estate transactions and employment situations.

Contract Review By An Experienced Attorney

contract reviewBut one fact remains no matter how complex or simple your contract is – a thorough contract review by an experienced attorney can dramatically strengthen your position and help to guarantee that your intended outcome ends up as you planned. Contracts not written and/or reviewed by a legal expert often contain errors, omissions and legal inaccuracies, sometimes so poorly written as to obscure the intended purpose of the initial contract.

A Contract Is An Obligation

A contract is setting up an obligation. Both parties have agreed to an obligation, which can include work, payment and services. Each party is legally responsible for holding up their end of the deal. One party is often obligated to work, while the other party is obligated to compensate for the work with wages.

One of the broadest and most important areas of law is contract law. You know of events that require a contract all the time. These include any exchange of goods services, most real estate transactions and prenuptial agreements for example. A will is also a contract.

It is wise to protect important intellectual property transactions with a contract to make all parties aware of the agreement terms before any consequences occur as a result of not having any legal terms behind the transactions.

A term is often used, known as “legal subject matter”, to make sure that no unlawful activity is ever covered by a contract. Money gained from gambling, drugs, or sexual activities cannot be protected in a court of law with a contract.

Who Can Enter Into A Contract?

Who can enter into a contract? In most places, anyone who is of legal age and of sound mind can sign a contract. Human beings aren’t the only ones who can. Legally institutions, corporations, companies and organizations are able to enter into a contract as they are considered to be legally a person. Typically, they are able to do so by expressed action brought by their employees.

There are a few elements that act as the base of contract law. These aspects must be in the contract for it to be accepted as legally binding.

The Offer

All contracts start with an offer. This is an expression of the parties willingness to be bound legally by the contract. An offer is not an invitation, this expresses to another party that they request willingness to enter into a transaction. The invitation can be rejected or accepted. The buyer has no legal responsibility to accept.


It is when the buyer accepts the unconditional agreement. They are accepting the terms of the contract in full. This acceptance can be written or oral; however, written agreements are definitely better. In fact, most countries require a written agreement.


This is a requirement that each party obtains something valuable. It is meant to protect workers and corporations from being taken advantage of.

It is necessary that there is intention to create a legal relationship. Legally, the parties are able to enter into court if the contract is violated. This is the act of creating intention.

Consider Daugherty law when you need representation in a personal contract. An experienced lawyer will be able to provide services like reviewing, providing, and drafting contract edits or advice. This will help you protect your interests.

Consider these contract review services:

  • An employment severance agreement review
  • Post- and Pre nuptial agreements
  • Agreements on Cohabitation
  • Sales contracts and real estate
  • Contracts regarding owners of property
  • The sale or purchase of any property of large value

Daugherty Law LLC can help you prevent ambiguities or any other problem that might arise in a contract. It is important that there are no indefinite terms that can create conflict. Legal errors and omissions can cause big problems. Mary Daugherty will be on the case with a thorough review to help protect your interests in the agreement.

If you need a contract review attorney in Colorado Springs, then you need Mary Daugherty.

No detail is too small and you will get a professional, legal contract review that will give you confidence that you know exactly what your contract states.


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